Established in 1999, Warakuya offers a huge variety of Japanese gifts, ornaments, lifestyle goods and more. Our top pick is maneki-neko, a Japanese cat figurine which is often believed to attract good luck to its owner with its upright paw.

1999.9 Warakuya was established by Morita Hiroshi who had been working at Daimaru Department Store since he graduated and he used to manage Daimaru Singapore Pte Ltd till 1998 as Managing Director. First sales attempt was Autumn Fair at Takashimaya B2 Taka Square and then Paragon SOGO B1F and Palco Shopping Mall. Importing and selling Japanese Traditional toys and small items like porch, wallet, fortune cats etc.
2000 In mid of 2000, Takashimaya Singapore Boss invited Warakuya at 1st Floor and since then Warakuya shop was located at Takashimaya SC. Warakuya (和 楽 屋) name is originated from a draper shop Sagami’s subsidiary company Warakuya-Okame (我楽屋おかめ). Morita had been dealing with Warakuya-Okame and inherited its name but in different writing.

Warakuya shop is sited at B1 where current located. Since then Warakuya turnover has been steadily improved.