Ryugetsu Store 1947 Ryugetsu was born in 1947 in Takachi, Hokkaido.  

Born in Tokachi Obihiro
Tokachi Obihiro, the place where Ryugetsu was established, is a fierce war zone, with more than 60 candy shops lined up. It was a daunting task to do business along with these famous stores and citizens who are particular about food.However, Ryugetsu, which started from producing ice candy with three people at the time of its founding, became reputable for its taste and business attitude, and started to get more regular customers.  

Birth of Sanporoku
Before long, they began to make Manjū in order to meet the needs of customers, and after a series of trial and error, they developed Ryugetsu confectionary combining western and Japanese style.Above all, Ryugetsu's "Sanporoku", which imitates a white birch bark, was exhibited at the National Confectionery Grand Exhibition in 1964, and was highly rated for its originality, taste, and relation to Hokkaido history.It became a gem. It has been evaluated as the first baumkuchen to satisfy the taste of the Japanese, and the pioneer of moist baumkuchen.  "Sanporoku" also won the 27th Monde Selection highest gold award in 1988, and received worldwide acclaim.  

Quality that stood the test of time
“Sanporoku” continues to be a best seller of Ryugetsu even after 50 years since its release, and sister products such as Chocolate and Maple flavors have also been released. Ryugetsu, which started with a single product, has grown into a specialty store that makes over 300 types of sweets a year.