Kobe Fugetsudo

Kobe Fugetsudo perfects the craft of an eye for details found in Japanese sweets while incorporating the sense of stylish and rich flavours found in French sweets. Since 1927, Kobe Fugetsudo has been making its signature gaufres loved by many people all over the world. Kobe Fugetsudo’s legacy began in Kobe, selling confectionery ever since the Meiji era. With 120 years of heritage, Kobe Fugetsudo is committed to making sweets that fill your hearts with content.

1897 Kobe Fugetsudo first opened on December 12 at its current location. “Marron glacés” was launched in the market.
1917 We opened our first cafe in Kobe City.
1927 “Gaufres” was launched in the market as our next main product.
1931 The company name was changed to Kobe Fugetsudo Group, with Yoshikawa Susumu appointed as the representative partner.
1936 During a naval review at Kobe’s fishing port, we had the honour to make the sweets presented to the Emperor of Japan.
1945 On June 5th, Kobe Fugetsudo, along with our important documents, were reduced to ashes during the air raid in Kobe.
1946 The business was rebuilt at “Duralumin Town”.
1948 A baking factory was designated in Hyogo Prefecture.
1950 We had the honour to make sweets presented to the Emperor of Japan during his imperial visit to Awaji.
1951 The manufacturing sales of gaufres resumed after the war.
1953 “Gaufres” are registered as a trademark.
1956 We presented our sweets to the Emperor and Empress of Japan at the 11th National Sports Festival of Japan.
1958 We had the honour of making sweets for the Crown Prince.
1959 Kobe Fugetsudo receives a letter of recommendation from Japan Federation of Gifts and Souvenirs for our gaufres.
1960 “Kobe Pier”, biscuits made to resemble the jetty of the port, was launched in the market. The biscuits were named by Iku Takenaka, a Japanese poet from Hyogo prefecture.
1961 We received a letter of thanks from Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Albert Schweitzer for the gaufres.
1962 “Petites Gaufres” was launched in the market.
1963 Japan Federation of Gifts and Souvenirs recommended Kobe Fugetsudo’s “Marron Glacés”, “Gaufres”, “Kobe Pier” as souvenirs.
1966 “Petites Gaufres” was registered as a trademark.
1967 Yoshikawa Tokiko (now deceased) was conducting a research on The Tale of Genji and made an order for sweets inspired by the classic Japanese novel at The Tale of Genji Literary Meet. To celebrate Kobe Fugetsudo’s 70th anniversary, we launched “Desserts Choisis”.
1977 The construction of our headquarters was completed (Kobe Fugetsudo’s 80th anniversary)
1980 It was determined that Gaufres Day will be celebrated on May 5 from the same date in 1955.
1981 We presented our sweets to the Crown Prince and his wife who visited the Portopia ‘81. The exhibition “Genji no Yukari” was held at Daimaru Osaka store.
1982 In commemoration of the 55th anniversary of gaufres, oval “Kobe Gaufres” were launched in the market.
1983 The film “Genji no Yukari” was completed with a duration of 16 milliseconds.
1985 The construction of Nishi-shin Factory (now Nishi-shin Second Factory) was completed. We presented our sweets to the Crown Prince and his wife who paid a visit to Kobe Universiade.
1985 The film “Genji no Yukari” won the grand prize at 26th International Industrial Video Festival, was ranked third in Manufacturing Category B at International Convention, and obtained an accolade at the International Business Federation Awards.
1993 “Kobe Rokkei Mini Gaufres” was launched in the market with a special packaging that features the work of Japanese printmaker Kawanishi Yuzaburo.
1994 “Kobe Bouchee” was launched in the market.
1995 The exhibition “Genji no Yukari” opened at Daimaru Kobe store. Due to the Great Hanshin earthquake, business and factory operations were affected.
1997 To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Kobe Fugetsudo, we held an appreciation day at the flagship Fugetsudo Hall on December 12.
2001 New flavours of “Gaufres Au Gouter” are released: black tea, coffee and matcha cream.
2003 “Kobe Gaufres (Fruits)” was launched in the market.
2007 To celebrate the 80th anniversary of gaufres, “Gaufres Aux Fruits” was launched in the market.
2016 “Gaufres Day” is recognised by Japan Anniversary Association.
2017 In commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of gaufres on May 5, “Gaufres Chocolat” was launched in the market. Kobe Fugetsudo celebrated its 120th Anniversary on December 12.