Body pressure dispersion × sleeping posture maintenance

[Air] is made of a urethane surface with excellent cushioning properties and an uneven structure,
so that the mattress fits smoothly to your body line and disperses the pressure load.

In addition, the base firmly holds your body to maintain a natural sleeping posture.
It also allows you to turn over smoothly, leading to a comfortable sleep.

A natural and comfortable sleeping posture curve自然でムリのない寝姿勢曲線

A natural and comfortable sleeping posture curve that does not put too much pressure on any part of the body.

Image:[AiR SI] Face-up sleeping
[AiR SI] Face-up sleeping

Image:General bedding: face-up sleeping
General bedding: face-up sleeping

Comparison of body pressure distribution (data from a pressure distribution measuring instrument)
The red area in the lumbar region indicates that the body pressure is high.

Point support

When the surface is made uneven, a gap is secured between the points, which has been found to reduce blood blockage on the contact surface, thus reducing the burden on the body.

Comparison of the dispersion of pressure points using a body pressure tester

  • [AiR] Point support [AiR].
    Creates gaps in pressure areas
  • Standard mattress. Standard mattress
    Compression without gaps

Excellent air permeability

The urethane structure promotes airflow, reducing discomfort during sleep. Diffuses and dissipates moisture and perspiration.



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