AiR by Nishikawa

Utilize sleep science.

Sleep can repair tired bodies and brains. Making the most of its benefits, we will actively prepare for tomorrow's condition. More and more people are looking for good sleep. In order to perform for your better tomorrow, We want to propose a conditioning mattress that adopts the latest sleep science. That is NISHIKAWA's [ AiR ].


Bumps change your sleep.

"The [ AiR ] mattress has a unique bumpy structure that supports with ""points"" to lead to high-quality sleep. By combining with a urethane material with excellent elasticity, the mattress helps you keep a natural sleeping posture while distributing the body pressure load. Owning a versatility for back-sleepers and side-sleepers, it also helps you roll over smoothly.
Besides, it can be expected to have the effect of making it difficult to block the flow of blood. A comfortable sleeping environment will be brought while reducing the feeling of stuffiness. That's the cutting edge of sleep science, [ AiR ]."